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Gameplay and download on the website of the game The King of Fighters: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2018 (by Rodrigo Pereira / Brazombie), Made based of checking engine M.U.G.E.N, in good old Beat´em up style.


» Screenpack: Brazombie

» Characters:  ahuron, David Demianoff, RYO 2005, KoopaKoot, Vans, Fervicante, Zelgadis, 119way, jin, Swipergod, Raposo, Juke Kisaragi, M.M.R., Mouser, K.O.D, Tin, Kamekaze, TightRiam, Nyankoro/osk, Aomura, Hiram Yagami, dark-shade, Adrianares, GONZO, Tobikage, FZL-MGCool, Deuce, Gargoyle, YongMing, CROSSõCAT, P-tan, NHK, HAPPA, Rin & Bat, GoD_Ryu, Anjel, BLACK, Scal, Jansen121, Misamu K Young, adamskie, randy  y ale, hirohiro, MR.S & Larno, NAO&M.&119way, MDK, Belial & Clayton, Z man, Hh, Kotori, Cerenas, Men’sClub, M3, darkgirl, YoungKirei, Thedge, 4LUCARD, Archangel (Jorge / JWPunk), BBB, mastchen, Sander71113, Blue Blood, illusion, maxim, ActJapan, Sepp, wara, nana, LunaTuna, stephengi and colorwind & H.

» Stages:  Night, EXShadow, Choiyer, ACE, NoZ, YUSUKE, aokmaniac13, Excahm, TS, Glasses, Magnus, MEDYN, Edit Severan Yasakani, Lightoss, Charles2011, The Mike, I_Burner, & Kaandorpius.

Here´s gameplay video by Ruivo ™


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

!!!!I am NOT the one who uploads the files. I just meet on the internet and I share with you. If the links eventually go offline, I will NOT be able to re-link. Thank you!!!!

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